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LED Emergency Power Supply - 230VAC for Elevator Cabin

  • Product item:EPS-3002-230VAC
  • Rated Power 10W / 20W / 40W
  • Dimension 230*150*60mm
  • Input Voltage 220-240VAC
  • Output Voltage 220VDC±10%
  • Duration 180min
  • Battery Type Li-lon
  • CE Certificate
The emergency power supply mainly apply in the elevator or other conditions, which could provide no less than 90 minutes running power to the light unit like LED panel, ceiling light or fluorescent.

How to use it...?

230VAC Emergency power supply dimensions:



1. Please note that the LED driver can accept 230VDC and 230VAC both;
2. Terminals 4 and 5 can accept both Normal Polarity and Reverse Polarity

Technical Data:

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