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Emergency Triangular Key according to EN81

  • Product item:MP-ETK-0001
  • Elevator Emergency Key; Lift key; Emergency key; Elevator key; Door key; Triangular Key
  • Standard DIN22417
  • Galvanised surface
  • Different languages safety using advise
  • Length: from 100mm to 1500mm to be customized
Emergency Triangular Key according to EN81 (Unlocking Device)

Innolux is the OEM factory to prduce this product for many big key account customers such as KONE Global Sourcing, OCTE France and so on.
The total quantity for each year of this emergency key is around 200,000pcs with variable length as well. Of course we could product as your request as well.

  • Drawing:
  1.  Triangular tube for emergency opening key;
  2.  Elastic metal pin diameter=5mm lg. 50 - ISO 8752;
  3.  PVC tube protection for emergency opening key;
  4. Recommendation label in different languages;
  5. Article code label; (could be customized as your request

  • Adhensive sticker for traingular key: (in different languages)


    • Mass production photos:

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